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"Competition was right there when I needed them.  They did the work on my house quickly and I didn't have to deal with the insurance company!  The job was done right the first time.  Kudos!"  Timothy Sutton

"My new roof is sexy. The roofing was done fast and professionally. The sales woman took good care of us through the process. They were willing to work with the insurance company on the claim and on my deductible. It was all a very positive experience." Glen Merica

"My mother was impressed that you got so much more on her claim than we ever thought possible!  Thanks, Guys!"  Annette Sanderson

"This company made my new roof experience so easy.  It took less than two hours overall, and within 3 weeks from the time I met the Competition representative, I came home from work and had a great new roof.   It was the easiest thing ever. Highly recommend working with these professionals." Kevin Lund

"My work was done within two weeks!  Plus you got more covered by my insurance than they said they would do at first." Tony Martinez

"Met the Competition people at a mutual friend's Christmas Party and the subject came up about needing a new roof from the hail storm in July of 2009.  I told them that I was getting married in the spring, and would like to work around the payment of the deductable after my honeymoon.  This crew of management, sales, and actual roofing crew were the best.  They were completely non-aggressive, hands on, and extreme pros in getting everything done I needed with so little effort on my part. Great job!"  Doug White

"I wasn't sure who to hire.  I went with Competition because you said you would negotiate directly with my insurance company.  I was very happy with your work and for not having to deal with my insurance company.  I really felt like you were my advocates."  Karen Smith

"You guys rocked!  You found damage I didn't even find myself and got it covered by my insurance.  I would recommend you to anyone!" T. Jackson

"I had a roof leak and your company came out to make sure it was covered until you could get back to replace the roof.  I was impressed." Sharon Keller

"My house looks great!  Thanks!" Dan Martin

"My insurance company turned me down on the first request for a new roof, even though my roof was leaking into the interior of my home.  Competition's sales team and their crew came in and offered a temporary interior repair with no funds upfront even without an approval that they would receive anything from an insurance claim.  The people who represent this company are for real and they truly cared about my situation. I'm really glad I had the chance to be represented by an honest team of people.  Got everything I needed in the end, even though I'd been turned down in the beginning."  Dillon Frisk

"Thanks for being so quick and for getting my insurance to pay for everything." Anthony Fiero

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